Edutainment touchscreen games for waiting rooms, retailers, doctors offices, hospitals, retaurants, play rooms, day cares, car dealers, hotels, resorts, family entertainment centers

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We install most major game systems available on the market.

Please visit each Console page for more detailed information

XB1 PS4 Controller Brackets X-Box 360* PS3* Wii U*
*NOTE: PS3 , XBox360 and Wii U have been phased out by manufacturers. New consoles are difficult to find
  Please note:
- We do not have any staff to provide you with technical advice or support on the video consoles, video game selection, DVD or internet downloads
- Please consult the manufacturers instructions/manuals that are shipped with your system or visit their website
- Clients need to register/login on their own accounts with the console manufacturers

- By law, we are not allowed to install games from the same video game disk over and over again
- There are hundreds of games for different age groups and interests - we cannot make selections for customers

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