Edutainment touch screen games for waiting rooms, retailers, doctors offices, hospitals, retaurants, play rooms, day cares, car dealers, hotels, resorts, family entertainment centers
“Creating Happy Spaces and Smiling Faces!”
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Suspension of Kiosk Production

For the past 10 years we have successfully shipped quality video cabinetry to clients across the country.

Our production partner is retiring - We are suspending orders while we search for a new cabinet fabricator.

Video - Wall Series Video - Pedestal Series Video - Floor Series Controller Brackets
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Toviga's handcrafted video game kiosks are both a practical entertainment system to keep visitors and clients occupied in a waiting room or play environment, and a way to reinforce your brand with high quality cabinetry.

Fun Entertainment for Older Kids
All waiting rooms or waiting areas are generally pretty boring for kids of any age. We are talking about virtually any type of waiting room including doctor’s offices, hospitals, car dealerships and so on. While some children bring a smart phone or tablet, those electronic games cannot compete with a brightly colored video kiosk with a large screen and the latest XBox One and PS4 games.

Installing waiting room video game kiosks for kids in your facility is a great way to keep visitors entertained and make your place a favorite “destination”.

  KEEP THE KIDS OCCUPIED – Video game kiosks are very much part of waiting room and play environments to provide game action entertainment for older kids.  If your facility caters to younger children, consider Toviga’s Touchscreen game systems. Both types of Toviga game systems will ensure that the kids look forward to coming back to visit you.
IDEAL FOR EVEN THE SMALLEST SPACES – If you have a small area, you may just have room for a single wall system. That’s OK, however, if you have larger numbers of  visitors,  Toviga offers a variety of options include  floor and pedestal mounted kiosks. Toviga even includes a multi-arm metal post that can hold up to four kiosks at different heights. Video kiosks are available with different size TV screens.  
  ENHANCE YOUR BRAND – Toviga’s colorful video kiosks are all handcrafted in the USA. Each cabinet is uniquely built for the customer, whether for a small dental office, or a major fast food chain. The kiosks are painted with the customer’s choice of colors to match their office or corporate color scheme. If the customer has a logo, it can be placed on the cabinet.
COST EFFECTIVENESS – Toviga’s video kiosk are very competitively priced and the durable cabinets will last for many years. The modular format ensures that if either XBox or Playstation upgrade their systems, they can easily be replaced in the kiosks. All systems are shipped complete and ready to install.  
Make your waiting room or play environment a happy place with smiling faces by installing Toviga’s handcrafted video kiosks.

All Video kiosk systems include:
Cabinet + Game Console + TV Screen + Dual Controllers + Controller Security Brackets + Power Strip + Installation Instructions.

Made in USA
Choose Your Video Gaming System
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