XBox One Slim
1 TB Hard Drive


White Console + White Controllers
Contents & Features
Console 1 TB 1
Kinect Motion Camera (Option) 1
Wireless Controllers 2
Play & Charge Kit (Option) 0
Secure Controller Brackets 2
Game Disks/Downloads 0
Internet Capable Yes

Option 1: XBox One Slim
Option 2: XBox One Slim + Kinect for motion activated play. ** Must be specified at the time of the order

Due to the degree of hand/eye coordination required for most games, the XBoxOne Slim is generally designed to be played by kids ages 7+

1. The XBox One Slim is the newest system by Microsoft (replaces the original XBox 1 that could only work "horizontally"
2. 1TB hard drive, internet access, motion game capability
3. Integrated Power supply
4. You can load multiple games on the hard drive
5. Hard drive play is quieter
6. You can download games from the internet
7. Other Media - see Media Player below

PLAY XB360 GAMES: Xbox One Slim included backward compatibility. You can play a growing number of digital and disc-based Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console. You have to go to the Microsoft website to see which XBox 360 games are compatible

Registration and Internet Access:
- all console registration and warranty registration are the responsibililty of the customer
- prior to shipping we test to make sure the console works
- we do not connect it to the internet - which is required for you to register your unit
- you will need to go online to create an account and set your security access choices.

- by law, we are not allowed to sell/install/download video games for commercial installations
- there are XBox 360 games that are "backward compatible" and will work with XBox One
- there is a large variety of "age appropriate" games in a variety of categories
- game disks can be purchased from major retailers like GameStop, Wal-Mart etc

- games can also be downloaded from the internet
- from time to time, Microsoft will include a promotional game disk. (depends on Microsoft promotion)
- the same game(s) may not be included the next time we order hardware

- XBox1 Wireless Controllers are shipped with standard AA batteries
- these batteries are "NOT" rechargeable and must be replaced when they lose power

Charge and Play Kit:
- XBox1 sells a "Charge and Play Kit" accessory that include a rechargeable battery to replace the AA batteries
- use a standard Micro USB cable from the controller to the console.
- Need a separate kit for each controller

Registration and Internet Access:
- prior to shipping we test to make sure the console works
- we do not connect it to the internet - which is required for you to register your unit
- you will need to go online to create an account and set your security access choices.

XBox One is configured for dual voltage 110 and 220

Controller Brackets:
- all controller security brackets are made of rugged steel to last the lifetime of the game system
- there are different controller brackets custom designed for each type of controller

Media Player (Video, Photo, Audio)
- XBox one can do mnore than just video games .... but this is NOT our area of expertise.
- Please see the XBoxOne FAQ for Media Player

Accessories (***We do not provide***)
Battery and charger kit so you do not have to replace standard batteries (includes USB cable)
- Separate "XBox One"battery charger kit required for each controller
- You can use regular batteries
- You can use re-chargeable batteries. Have to be recharged with standard recharger
- The XBox One battery charge kit will NOT charge regular rechargeable batteries
See all the XBox One Accessories

Technical Support:
For technical operating questions, please visit the XBox One support website as well as other blog sites and forums

Toviga is not responsible for any game selection, internet connections, parental control settings or other console operating issues.

The console has the standard manufacturer's warranty of one year which technically starts at the time we purchase the unit. After receiving the game shipment form us, the client must go on-line to register the console and activate the warranty under their name

This is the XBox One Warranty site:

Only valid in the USA and Canada

Optional Extended Warranty:
The extended warranty extended service plan provides a total of three years of coverage for your Xbox consoleconsole. We currently do not opffer the extended warranty program and will not offer it until we determine the exact terms and conditions with respect to the manufacturer, Toviga and the end user.

This is the XBox One Extended Warranty site: