Secure iPad & Tablet Stands
USB Power

In most retail, operational and waiting room locations, best to have "continuous" power

This means that the tablet has to be connected to a power outlet to be charging all the time


In a surface cable set-up, the USB cable will come from the tablet and through of the bottom of the stalk or base and run along the countertop or wall or floor surface to the power outlet. You have the option of installing some type of protective "chase" that covers the exposed cable. We do not provide such a protective cover.

In a hidden cable set-up, the cable runs from the tablet inside the casing, through the bottom of the Tablet Stand stalk or base and then through the countertop or wall or through the floor to the power outlet. The outlet can be located under the counter, behind the wall etc . Check with your electrician and local codes.


Advantage: Simpler to install.

Disadvantage: Cable exposure may not be a good idea as users might damage the cable.


Advantage: Cable will not be exposed.

Disadvantage: May not be feasible to drill acccess hole in the countertop or wall or though the floor.