iPad & Tablet Stands FAQ's

What comes with each order?
You receive a high quality metal enclosure according to the model and specific attributes you requested. Includes a built-in barrel lock with numbered key. There are several motion and other options that must be ordered at the same time as the tablet stand. This customization is done at the warehouse before shipping the unit to you.

How do you tell which iPad model you have?
See the Apple identification page (Link)

What types of tablets can be used?
- iPad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2
- Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab 1,  Tab 2, Tab 3, Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition
- Motorola Xoom 1 & 2

The most current list is on the website.

What happens if we upgrade tablets?
Every tablet stand includes a set of custom adjustment nub inserts that hold the tablet firmly in place inside the casing. That is why we need to know which tablet you will be using when you order the stand.

If you upgrade your tablet, there are conversion kits available. For example, to go from iPad 2 to iPad Pro (these all happen to be in the family of 9.7" iPads), you just order and insert a new matching set of adjustment nub inserts. Approximately $20.

Each has different features for different applications. The FLEX and the SUMO offer the greatest range of motion which is what is needed for use by kids.

Motion accessories for the other models are optional - these options must be ordered at the time of the initial order.

- Rotate is mounted on the "base" that allows the three "static" models to rotate
- Tilt allows the user to manually tilt the case up and down to adjust the viewing angle
- Switch allows you to switch your screen from portrait to landscape with ease.

Is the screen protected?
You have to purchase your own screen protector for your specific tablet - plastic or tempered glass.

If the tablet is going to be on all day, we recommend you have it connected directly to a power outlet - the normal battery life is only a few hours. There is a way that you can hide the USB cable. See Link

How are the tablet stands installed?
Designed for easy DIY installation. Each stand includes mounting directions depending on the type you have ordered. You can also order a Wall Wedge to mount certain models (Desk, Flex, Sumo) on the wall to save counter space

No Counterspace?
You can install the standard wall mounted units - but they have limited motion options.

The counter mounted stands (FLEX and SUMO) have a great range of motion, but, cannot be attached directly to the wall. They have to be mounted on a horizontal surface. You have 3 options:

1. WALL WEDGE - made frm MDF (wood)

2. Metal Support Bracket - ask us for details.

3. Create and build your own wall support system

How secure are the tablet enclosures?
All enclosure are made of steel and have a very secure barrel lock. The stands are securely attached to a counter or wall to reduce the possibility of theft, however, it is not possible to make any of these absolutely theft proof by a determined individual with proper tools and time.

How do you protect iPad or other tablet security settings?
We do not provide tech support for the tablets. It's not our area of expertise. Please contact your Tablet manufacturer or dealer for operating system details. One simple suggestion is not to let the tablet users access the internet via your Wifi.

Here are some other general "suggestions" - this is not our area of expertise.

1. SureLock (click link) - You can try this app which allows you to set acess. We do not offer additional instructions or assistance

2. Passcode Lock
Set up a Passcode following the instructions in your on-line iPad user guide.

3. Restore Settings
Restore settings from a backup every night or whenever someone messes with it (such as entering their own passcode)

APPLE (iPad)?
Go to this link APPLE for Guided Access

Other Websites:
APPLE: http://manuals.info.apple.com
SAMSUNG: http://www.samsung.com/us/support/